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Welcome to Amphi Projekt AB, your Swedish partner

Amphi Projekt AB was founded year 2008 and our fields of work are Project development and Project management within the property and real estate sector.
Our trades:


  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Project Engineering
  • Clients Representative
  • Planning, Timeschedules
  • Cost estimates, Spending plans

Why do business with us?

Overview and insight
We are an independant company and we work with commercial Projects within the real estate sector.

Our clients are Swedish as well as International property investors.

The construction process often has a limited amount of time due to the fact that tenant negotiations or new built plans tend to take longer than planned. At the other end of the time line the date for completion or grand opening is usually fixed.

A good strategy in order to handle any given project that has a tough time line is for the client to obtain help from a project management company early in the planning -, and negotiation process.

If done, the project management can provide cost estimates, decision basis, planning and technical support during the tenant negotiations.

Our clients generally choose this method when obtaining our services. .

Look for new opportunities
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have plans for a property project in Sweden.

Within the company we do have a solid experience of project management, both in the role as entrepreneur, project developer and property owner. These combined skills are now used in our role as specialized consultant. .


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Söndagen den 14 Februari 2021
205 projects completed since Amphi established in year 2008

Fredagen den 15 Januari 2021
This year has had a flying start so far - future looks bright

Lördagen den 12 September 2020
200 projects completed since our start year 2008

Söndagen den 30 Augusti 2020
We have now completed 197 projects since we started Amphi

Torsdagen den 30 April 2020
Amphi to assist Wallin Bostad in upcoming Housing project

Torsdagen den 30 April 2020
Amphi has signed a deal with a Hong Kong based Property Company for future developments in Sweden


Amphi Projekt AB
Roslagsgatan 31A
113 55 Stockholm

+46 8 520 240 20

Orgnr: 556759-3248

Bankgiro: 297-4970

VAT No: SE 55 67 59 32 48 01

Org. nr 556759-3248
VAT Reg. No/ VAT SE 55 67 59 32 48 01
Bankgiro 297-4970
The Board has its headquarters in Stockholm

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